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Discover Yourself - Yoga und Pilates by Kira Neumann


Personal Training/ Indiviudal classes upon request.
We can either meet eachother one-on-one/two in person and/or via Zoom or Skype.
A lot of my personal clients meet me in the woods for walking and exercises.

on the Instagram channel kira_discoveryourself you will find some short videos of 2-3 minutes for you to do in a mini break. It is called - Waiting for the Kettle to boil :-)

on Facebook there is a private group kira_discoveryourself which you can join. Then you can try out videos of different lengths with me for a week and then continue for a small monthly fee.

Or I will send you YouTube links to your e-mail.

Feel free to write me for more information:


Specials & Workshops

Workshop and Specials are offered on a regular basis.

New courses and specials are being planned - please check again or contact me at

Scheduled Courses

It is possible to join the courses at any time. Please contact me for your individual offer.
Classes are held in courses as you benefit most from regular attendance of consecutive exercises.

New courses and specials are being planned - please check again or contact me at

Upcoming Courses

Classes are held in courses as you benefit most from regular attendance of consecutive exercises.

New courses and specials are being planned - please check again or contact me at

when life flows


wenn das leben fließt

My philosophy

Yoga Pilates and moreI love the feeling of flow – my life being in flow - and moving myself is an important part of my flow. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been in motion. If I am not moving, I am not myself.

As a child I was a keen Ballett dancer and practiced Karate intensively. Later I noticed that these two sports are quite similar to Pilates and Yoga – my body (and my mind) responded instantly.

Concentrate on yourself whatever you do – experience the flow of movements and focus on yourself – unite your body and your mind.
Let go, get to know your limits and explore.

I want to give my best to help you to feel your best


My Yoga

my Yoga is based on Chi based on Chi Yoga and is influenced by everything else I know and have experienced.

ChiYoga is meditation in motion. ChiYoga combines spiritual concentration , breathing and movement, focusing on the flow from one posture into another while in- or exhaling  - alternating between strength and recreation as well as dynamic and restful postures accompanied by your concious and steady breathing.

The Human Being is incorporated into the dynamics of nature – the cosmic cycle of life. Each season has its’ own qualities, which Chi Yoga accomodates by chosing season related movements and topics – for example expansive and dynamic classes in spring and more quiet and centered classes in winter.



My Pilates

my Pilates is different.

As each of us come with different physical conditions, I adapt my Pilates to my individual participants.
I teach Pilates based excercises, as I believe that the Pilates method can be adapted to every move you make during your day, your workout, your Yoga... What is important to me is the HOW and the inner concentration.


My Personal Training

Personal Training…is as individual as you are.

It is based on my philosophy and designed to train but also to assist you in experiencing and exploring yourself.
My aim is not only to strengthen, stretch and mobilize your body but also your mind, relieving stress, redirecting stressful thoughts and thinking and hence putting your mind and body in balance.
Together we will develop a training aligned with your aims and needs which respects your daily fitness routine.

love of movement


liebe zur bewegung

About me

kira neumannMy name is Kira – openhearted, honest, outgoing and friendly.
Married and in love with our two kids.

Raised bilingually (German/English) with German and Asian roots and having lived in Asia for several years, I have experienced many different cultures and ways of life.
My passion for movement led me to start teaching back in 2003.

Life is about learning and experiencing people and opinions, philosophies and ways to move and feel.
I love to get inspired and to incorporate everything I know and feel into my work.
Special thanks to you, Mami, for inspiring me every time we talk.


My Basis


Chi Yoga / Lucia Nirmala Schmidt
Yoga for Children / Kinderyoga
Yin Yoga / Jo Phee


Lucia Nirmala Schmidt, Patrick Broome, Gabriela Bosic, Young Ho Kim, Tiffany Cruikshank, Christiane Wolff, Sonia Bach u.v.m.


Pilates Basic, Advanced, Standing, Kleingeräte as well as Workshops
Christiane Wolff, Lucia Nirmala Schmidt, Madeline Black, Ulla Häfelinger, Annette Alvaredo u.v.m.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Recovery

Pre- und Postnatal Yoga / Yogaloft Stuttgart
Postnatal Recovery Trainer / Akademie für Prä und Postnatales Training - Mama Workout
K-Taping Therapist with focus on gynecology & pediatrics


International BodyART Instructor

Relaxation and Back exercises

Idogo Qi Gong
TriLoChi / Michaela Busch
Chi Ball / Lucia Nirmala Schmidt, Sue Wood
Flow Tonic / Lucia Nirmala Schmidt
Rückenschule / Kurt Stübel
Bewegter Rücken / Barbara Raab
Slings in Rhythm / Schlingentraining mit Vroni Raab


Instructor for Aerobic, Step und Bodywork
Hot Iron